Victory to Web Marketing!

As a follow-up to my earlier blog Red…Blue…on the big cloud, you have to tip your hat to the most amazing use of web marketing seen in an election campaign! Both parties exercised incredible techniques to move us to vote and raise money for their respective campaigns. So if you’re thinking my blog is a week late here’s the deal…even today…well after the Obama victory they still are masters of the web.

My inbox is still being pinged with requests for donations and grass roots efforts to support the movement and now the victory. Not a day has gone by since the election that I haven’t received some type of email correspondence from the Obama team which leads me to think my box may be hit up every day for the next four years 🙂 UGHH!

If I wasn’t admiring the techniques…I may have a negative reaction to my sacred inbox being overloaded. I’m not sure when I should start considering this spam. Oh well…it goes without saying that we have all been witness to some masterful brand, social marketing, web marketing, organizational grass roots skills and fundraising throughout the campaign. And apparently…beyond! So…it’s time to write a book…along with the zillion others who will be analyzing this time in our modern digital history.



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Great Work Inspires Great People I’m always excited to see great peoples work. To hear and learn about others and share in their experiences in life, design and business. Who knows maybe someday I might learn something from you and you may read something of interest from me. Cloonan. Thinking Out Loud The opinions and views written in my blog are my personal views and insights…they do not in any way reflect or represent the views of my employer. The goal and spirit of social media is to increase communities, build relationships, share and put your personal perspective on life’s content. That is the purpose of my blog. I welcome all comments positive or negative to my own. Life is about sharing…it is about respect…it is about consideration…sometimes good and sometimes bad. Slainte’
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