One web year = One dog year

So you are embarking on a site relaunch. Your investing a year of resources and big dollars to elevate your business communications and marketing efforts. If you think about it no matter what you do or how good you are at anticipating designing and relaunching a website you will never be ahead of the game. The moment you launch your site you will be behind. Face reality.

You are a multi-billion dollar corporation. You have just made an large investment to re-design your website. We’re talking about thousands of pages of content and thousands of hours to get it right. So you have taken the plunge and are ready to hold on for a great ride.

When you are heavy into the discovery and strategy phase of the project you are typically going to burn about three to four months of your engagement. Let’s assume your project build cylce is twelve months and each phase consumes approx. a third of the process (discovery/strategize, architect/build, release/evolve.).

So in reality once you do your strategy and your discovery (the heavy business strategy and goals of the project) it will be another eight to nine months before you see it implemented and live for John Q Public.

If it takes a year to build from concept to completion the moment the site launches it will be out of date. All of your strategy and discovery took place eight months earlier. And believe me when I say that one web year is like one dog year. So most likely you are behind in technology, ideas and new best practices. Something else has replaced YouTube, facebook or Twitter as the next best thing. SEO will be different, rich media will be differnet, social media, mobile all different. UGH.

So what now. Do you scrap your investment? Do you pray that you were wise enough to build in scalability and content that stood the test of time? Or do you simply run home crying and praying you won’t lose your job for all the effort you made an entire organization endear for a whole year!

Before you order tickets to the border and plan your escape…relax. It’s not about the technology remember. It’s about the content. So since you are a man of wisdom …a women to be reckoned with…you already factored this in. RIght? You did…didn’t you?

Keeping up with technology has always been near impossible. Anticipating marketing trends and business plans is what you our others on your team get the big bucks for…so sports fans…do me a favor and don’t forget when you are in the critical stage of discovery and strategy. Think Big. Think about the content and the tends of your industry one year from now. Don’t allow your limited view of marketing today effect your view of tomorrow. What is important now may not be twelve months from now and you have to have the guts to admit that.

The tendency in building a website is to only see the now…to only face your organizations current problems and not predict or anticipate the future trends and insights.

I urge you to be bold. To be a rogue. To let your mind get above the now and think…think…innovate.

It took me approximately two dog minutes to write this blog. Wow…I’m slow.



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Great Work Inspires Great People I’m always excited to see great peoples work. To hear and learn about others and share in their experiences in life, design and business. Who knows maybe someday I might learn something from you and you may read something of interest from me. Cloonan. Thinking Out Loud The opinions and views written in my blog are my personal views and insights…they do not in any way reflect or represent the views of my employer. The goal and spirit of social media is to increase communities, build relationships, share and put your personal perspective on life’s content. That is the purpose of my blog. I welcome all comments positive or negative to my own. Life is about sharing…it is about respect…it is about consideration…sometimes good and sometimes bad. Slainte’
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