Bye Bye MySpace? If You Ask Bye Bye Bicycle…Not Quite Yet

I first found out about myspace back in 2004. I was on a flight to LA when a young woman I met thought it may be a cool place I’d like to check out. We were talking about bands and of course every other creative idea you can kick around with someone who enjoys art, design and music. For me MySpace became a location I could find new artists, check out the latest bands and meet new friends (more to come on this in future blogs – one friend I ended up marrying).

In the US perhaps as a social network MySpace has been replaced by Facebook and Twitter…but for bands, promoting your music and allowing you to reach new fans still has its value.

Bye Bye Bicycle
On the 26:th of August Bye Bye Bicycle released their new album “Compass” in Sweden. So how did a guy in Ohio stumble upon them. And how would I have ever seen there videos or checked out there music if it wasn’t for MySpace or YouTube. Unlikely that I wouldn’t have.

Not only is the band worth a listen. And oh yeah they use MySpace as a vehicle to share their sound…but they have pretty good taste for cover art.

1966 Meets 2009 – The Pioneers of Conceptual and Modern Architecture
Bye Bye Bicycle’s debut album “Compass” utilizes the great works of Adolfo Natalin and Gian Piero Frassinelli illustrations from the Italian architecture group Superstudio. These illustrations were made and originally used in 1966 and are “true classics”.


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