Vespa Mania

One For The Ages
What is it with this strange little mechanical toy-like form of transportation that has affixed many of us throughout the years? Is it nostalgia? Do we all yearn with envy when we see it in ads for some type of longing or emotional void?


D’Ascanio Meets Enrico Piaggio
Some falling outs produce great results. And as D’Ascanio ruffled his feathers and denied Innocenti the honor of changing history Enrico Piaggio stepped to the plate and combined their genious to please us all.

Is it the quirky little retro design? Perhaps it’s all the unique styles and colors they’ve thrown at us…color palettes that one could contend came from Kitchen Aid mixers.

Our Roman Holiday Lives On
Why is it so loved by Hollywood and artists alike? Do we thank Audrey Hepburn or Shag art for it’s infamous portrayal?

Or is it the fact that the Vespa is so damn practical in it’s very nature? Or maybe it’s the fact that this two-wheeled scooter is simply iconic. How cool is it for a brand to reach those emotional and aspirational heights. Pop culture? Absolutely.


Now I’m not suggesting that this is unusual…rather…it is what it is. It’s not everyday that pop culture and form and function collide quite so wonderfully. And for those who have a passion for fun and a love for dorky cool…the Vespa is one for the books.


Apple Meets Vespa
Ok this may be a long shot. But is it me or has anyone else noticed one icon compared to another…two apples…two logos…two icons…hmmmmm. Absolutely. Some things are meant to be the same. Chi Vespa Baby!!

Vespa’s successful marketing campaign to entice the younger crowd to take part in a forbidden fruit…a little bite never hurt Eve. Well…maybe just a little.



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2 Responses to Vespa Mania

  1. Ralph says:

    Jersey City Vespa is the best. I’ts employees from Thimio to Elizabeth.

    They are always eager to help and take care of any problems you have with your VESPA…

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