Boy Grows Cheekbones: Successful Stem Cell Surgery by Cincinnati Children’s

Health Care at It’s Best
All we hear about is the complex and convoluted interpretation of what is wrong in health care…well finally here is a story of what is right in health care.

Reformed Health Care
Instead of health care reform…let’s concentrate on reformed health care that will blow your socks off. This kind of accomplishment can only be done by those who live and breath a commitment and passion focused on one mission…to ‘change the outcome’ for kids health globally. And this one can be chalked up as a medical miracle.

Fat Stem Cells Finally Get A Good Rap…Literally
Remarkable things happen to remarkable human beings.This is a story of such an event. Add to that of the pioneering efforts by countless people at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center and you truly have a health care innovation. By combining some of the world’s finest pediatric research and clinical collaboration and the end product is a successful growth of human bone using someone’s very own fat stem cells. You heard me right…they are actually growing human bone within the patients body! Truely remarkable.

Yes this has been done before…but the success rate was not good due to the body rejecting the bone and not regenerating cells to grow healthy strenthened bone.

Brad Guilkey…Thank You
Brad Guilkey is probably one of the bravest 15 year old boys you will ever meet. Here is a young man who has put it all out there for all of those who may have a similar condition. Imagine being 15 and allowing the world to take part in this personal experience.

He allowed another human being to peel back his face…this isn’t a story…he literally had this done…as they inserted his own fat stem cells along with an incredible combination of unique science and surgery to produce his very own bone to grow and build his cheekbones (see video link below).


This is a before (left) and after (right) photo of Brad.

His surgery was in the Spring and the after shots were taken this summer while he goes through the healing process.

This isn’t science fiction folks…this is real and not only will it improve Brad’s life…but it will help the lives of MILLIONS. We now for the first time in history can successfully maintain the regeneration and growth of bone inside the human body and restore what many have lost.

Cincinnati Children’s = True Genious
According to Jesse Taylor, MD, a surgeon and researcher in the Division of Craniofacial and Pediatric Plastic Surgery at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center this innovative procedure improves the options surgeons have for repairing bone deficiencies caused by traumatic injuries.

So for those who have been born with a genetic condition or those who’s fate has been altered due to severe trauma for a serious injury, car accident or perhaps a soldier wounded in service could all benefit from this innovation. Dr. Taylor explained that previous and current methods that are used like borrowing bone from another part of the body, or implanting cadaver bone or something artificial – are reasonable alternatives, but far less than perfect.

Approximately 7 million people in the United States alone have defects in bone continuity.

Island of Excellence
The unique environment at Cincinnati Children’s allows them to literally take years off of complex discoveries with their incredible model of collabrative research and clinical offerings. It’s not novel…but trust me it is truly different. Plan on hearing amazing and mind blowing discoveries that shorten the life of a disease…improve the recovery of chronic health patients…and literally improve the health of our children…all from this ‘island of excellence’ in little old Cincinnati, Ohio.

View ABC News Feature on Brad & Cincinnati Children’s Remarkable Story

Boy Without Cheekbones: Experimental Stem Cell Surgery for Brad Guilkey – ABC News.

(This article was reproduced from sections of Press Releases from CCHMC. Special kudos to Nick Miller and Thomas McCormally and the Media Marketing & Communications team at CCHMC)


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