‘Perceived’ Value is now (and always has been) ‘Real’ Value ask a true MadMen

Advertising guru Rory Sutherland from a little shop we all know as Ogilvy & Mather has a few things to say about perceived value being just as important to audiences as real value. In other words sports fans…advertising at its best. Old school in a digital world? You betcha.

Let’s be honest shall we…all to often in life we try to make things greater then they actually are…and by doing so we all want and yearn for things we do not have instead of being satisfied with what we do have. What Sutherland does with wit and character is remind each of us that today’s new technologies are simply playing on subjective and intangible values…which in turn allow us to appreciate what is unfamiliar. Simply brilliant.

I don’t think there is a working day that goes by where I don’t pinch myself…smile…and say it’s only advertising or marketing…so don’t get your shorts in a bunch. We are in the job of changing perceptions and impressions which actually do change realities….whether right or wrong.

Once again thanks TEDGlobal2009 for sharing.


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