Top Ten Diseases Targeted for Wireless Medicine

It’s Not Your Kids iPhone Anymore

Want to watch a patients rhythm from anywhere in the world in real-time? Or perhaps you’d like to monitor your glucose levels through your cell phone. Well friends…today’s digital wireless devices allow you to do exactly that. In the past two and a half years more has been learned about disease then in the entire history of humans.

In this effort the use of wireless technology has been profound and will only continue to be impressive. Extreme innovations and devices literally have changed the tools of medicine. Active and accurate monitoring is key to contributing to changing the lifecylces of disease.

Traditional tools like the stethoscope have been a staple for nearly 100 years with little to no change to it’s technology…that is until the wireless phone. You’ll start to see doctors and nurses pulling smart phones out of their pockets vs. pulling the trusted tool off the past from around their necks.

The incredible explosion and rapid advancements in monitoring individual health conditions will undoubtedly change the models of sharing of information and privacy. You have to believe that with these incredible technological tools health privacy and governance will follow…ultimately individual health outcomes will benefit by the monitoring and shared results of the data. (Read my earlier blog on The Right of Shared Communities – PatientsLikeMe)

Health Care isn’t Easy (Ask the President He’ll Tell You)

Health care is complex when it comes to how information can be legally shared and you have to believe those in this technology space certainly recognize it and will adhere to it. If they won’t they won’t last long. So keep the faith and realize the astonishing innovations and possibilities this will grant health care providers, patients and researchers. It’s all good.

Eric Topol @ TED

Eric Topol reveals the wireless future of medicine in this engaging presentation brought to you from our friends at TEDGLOBAL. He shares with us many an app that exists today and some in the ohhh so near future that will change how we all experience health care.

According to Topol the top ten diseases which effect nearly 300 million people targeted for wireless medicine are:

1. Alzheimer’s

2. Asthma

3. Breast Cancer


5. Depresssion

6. Diabetes

7. Heart Failure

8. Hypertension

9. Obesity

10. Sleep Disorders

The Ideas in Action – My Impressions and Guess-timated Trends

Shorter Hospital Stays

Are you thinking what I’m thinking? I believe we’re going to see shorter stays in hospitals due to the opportunity of monitoring being available outside the walls…patients will be sent home earlier and HCP’s will have the capability to monitor them after they leave.

Preventative Care Will Elevate

Our model will shift to paying greater attention to prevention and monitoring of health conditions and disease while patients live their daily lives prior to being admitted which will allow us to act more efficiently and quickly to conditions thus ultimately reducing the cost of health care.

Better Care and Better Monitoring

We’re going to see this technology replace traditional tools in the hallways of hospitals. We’re going to see mobile phones, ipads being used as monitoring devices in surgery, patient rooms, doctors and referring physicians will be able to see patients vitals and monitoring data in real-time from anywhere on the globe walking down any hallway. For example I refer a patient to you…and you are located half way across the world. While you care for my patient…I can also be at the bedside with you…virtual. Lovely indeed.

I Contend Infrastructions and Data Sharing Models will Change

Imagine how much money hospitals will save when one portable tool can be loaded with multiple apps for multiple purposes enterprise wide and in the hands of every doctor and nurse…and patient…sharing information with enterprise system…real-time. All eyes seeing the same thing in differnet places for immediate reaction and action. Tens upon tens of millions of dollars are put in place in individual hospitals to ensure exceptional care and invest in data efficiency and IT…which of course is needed. Now we link these tools in the palms of each hand and the innovation really takes off. Now add to it the process and data tools tied to the patient information and monitoring devices and you have come real close to a perfect model.

Less Inventory – Controlled Capital = Better Cost Models

Business-to-Business has know this for centuries. Inventory and supplies will be streamlined; drugs and ordering process models will then improve.  And key metrics and logistics applications will merge effectively into this culture.

Culture Club vs. Game-Changers

The possibilities are truly endless if culture doesn’t get in the way. Ah that is the Albatross…change in the way we do things truly is the only thing that will slow this opportunity down.

Will organizations recognize the possibilities and have the courage and leadership to act? The best will. And you and I will benefit from this as will our children for there are many superior and truly incredible organizations today ready and willing to pull the trigger on these advancements for the well being of us all.

Sounds like a storybook ending…but bringing better health to all is a real passion by the great organizations not the almighty dollar and for this we are lucky.

Premium Brands Recognize Design Innovations

I have been vocal…probably more then some would prefer…that premium brands are global and good brands are local. So if you want to truly be a premium brand…you want to be the best and serve your patients with the best…then open and expand your borders…premium brands do not reside in only local regions. Assume the leadership position you have earned and demand it. If you want to constantly be looking at the competition and keep your borders closed you will fail.

Health Care Brands are B to C (I know you don’t think so…but you are)

Globalization and brand awareness are too powerful to ignore and today’s tools and innovations have and will completely eliminate borders if you like it or not. If you want your clients and patients to follow you and embrace your passion, care and improvements to health care…tear down the walls. Technology is there to let you do it. Embrace these innovations…use them to your benefit to improve your services and lower your costs. You want a borderless society? Well friends it is here…are you ready? The web does this now…mobile devices and wireless will only add to these innovations.

Smart Phones = Smart Business Innovations

And you thought your iphone was just a cool place to watch those kids from American idol and find the fastest route to get home without battling traffic. Yes people life actually is good when technology and science join hands.

Good Health to all.


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