Canadian Pride

How to Brand a Nation

National pride. Something often misunderstood…seldom displayed…and often admired and…well…it should be.

Thank you Canada you did the world proud and you deserve the peace, serenity and grace you have bestowed upon your nation and upon us all for another hundred years. Many a nation could only hope to be the global brand you have carried since your very birth. How on earth have you managed such a glorious path?

Cheers to you friends of the North. Corny as it may sound…you are one consistent nation.

BTW you just squeaked out that win…yes I know you know this…see you in four more years.


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2 Responses to Canadian Pride

  1. Donna the Canadian says:

    Thank you!you’re views of our nation made me cry, may i ask when nationality you are?

    And yes, we did just squeaked out that win but there couldnt have been a better two teams playing that night, and in my eyes…alot of the events were won by canadians and americans…we all go well together…like chocolate covered strawberries or something in that respect. 🙂

    • Cloonan says:

      I really appreciate your comments…and yes you are right. Both teams shared great moments. I fogot to answer your question…I’m from the US. btw love strawberries and chocolate…cheers

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