The “not so” Real Thing

Now Why Did You Have To Go And Do That

I don’t even know where to begin on this one. I actually waited to post a blog on this until I gave the campaign a chance to play out. I wanted to give Coca-Cola the benefit of the doubt. But unfortunately I can not. Ahh Coca-Cola why did you have to go in this direction…I thought you had more class then this…I thought you were a global citizen…such a disappointment…and shameful. You placed yourself right up there with the cigarette and alcohol companies with your misleading campaign. This ranks as one of the best deceipt campaigns in the history of advertising.

The Real Thing – I Don’t Think So

I know you like to resemble Americana. I know you like to think you are the ‘Real Thing’ to the world. I know that you know that the public will suck up this campaign…because it’s wrapped around what is meant to be a good cause.

I’m not denying that we all need to pay attention to heart disease…we absolutely should. It is a deadly disease. I’ll be the first guy to run around with a banner and flag promoting good health for woman and heart disease.

My issue with you Coca-Cola is that you wrapped it around your can…you masterfully developed a campaign that is misleading to the public. Because yes…the public as a mass is easily fooled. That’s is one of the arts of advertising…make something that is not good for you …look good for you.

Coke and Diet Coke are one of today’s leading products that harm healthy consumption and healthy diets for children and adults alike. Diabetes and other major health problems such as childhood obesity are a result due to your product directly contributing and adding to poor eating habits, too much sugar intake, substituting healthy food alternatives, etc.

Nice Design but Shameful

You should be ashamed of yourself. You know that putting a lovely heart on your cans and distracting the public to another cause will deflect them from focusing in on the negative impact your product has to the public. Smooth approach with a sad result.

Perhaps you should concentrate on the problem YOUR product causes millions of people around the world. Focus on making your product better and educating the no so smart public about the ill effect of over consumption. Now you’d be moving closer to the Real Thing…and winning back people who actually know what you are doing.

By the way…from a designers perspective…the design worked and the creative campaign was executed flawlessly. So despite the deception you are slinging…it looked good and was delivered wonderfully.

Warning Label

Remember what happened to the alcohol and cigarette industries…warning labels. Hmmm perhaps if you would put a warning label next to the heart icon on your cans then I will resend this comment. Try this out for size “This product can be harmful to your health. If over-consumed it is a direct cause of diabetes and childhood obesity. Caution to children and those who are unaware of what our product can do to you overtime”.

Credit Where Credit is Due

If you want to promote a healthy heart and contribute to the awareness of the disease I applaud you …but do not mix it with your product…do not deceive the public…because you know this is what you have done so wonderfully. Then…even I could open a can of coke and enjoy it once in a while.

BTW you are getting close to making the same mistake on your recycling campaign. If you didn’t create all of the high demand for plastic bottles in the first place…then why would we all need to recycle them …. hmmm ..opps sorry not suppose to think for ourselves are we.

That my friends is the Real Thing.

(The image is a download offered from the Coca-Cola website)


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