Angels are so Cool

I posted this a year ago; it’s a story I wrote for my friend’s daughter Devon while she was in the hospital battling cancer. I miss Devon…I especially miss her for her parents sake.

Every time I see a leaf on the ground it reminds me of her. In honor of sweet Devon I posting this every fall.

Perhaps some of you know a child or family who may benefit from this story; please share it with them. Stories or time can’t replace a child…but living within the spirit of a loss friend can certainly keep them near. Being a father myself I can’t begin to imagine such a loss…all I can do is share.

As was posted Nov. 2009 –

I have a dear little friend who has been battling with anaplastic ependymoma brain tumor for nearly her entire short life of five years. I just got news that she is back in the hospital with an inoperable tumor.

Angels are so cool!
Here is a little note I shared with Devon this morning. In an earlier message that I sent to her…I told Devon that the angels had turned all the leaves red and yellow colors on all of the trees just for her!

Why Angels drop leaves.

Hi Devon
It’s me again…Timothy. I forgot to tell you something very exciting about the leaves. Remember yesterday I said that all the angels were turning the leaves red and yellow just for YOU!

Well here is something even more exciting. Many people do not know this…but I am going to share this secret just with you. You can tell this secret to everyone if you wish.

Did you ever wonder why the leaves fall out of the trees and down to the ground? Hmmmm…I wondered for a very, very long time. Well last night when I was sleeping an angel came to me. She was lovely…with pretty dark hair and eyes just like yours!!! I wasn’t scared at all…I felt very happy and smiled. She came to share something with me.

I sat up in bed ready to listen to what she was about to say. She leaned in towards me…you know the wonderful way that only an angel can lean in…and said…Timothy I am going to tell you something and you can only tell Devon and her Mommy and Daddy. I was so excited and ready to hear her secret and then share it with you!!!

She said to me…the reason why the leaves fall out of the trees and down to the ground is for a very, very special purpose. She said all the angels in Gods heaven gently drop each special leaf with all those cool gentle breezes so that the leaves will build a path. I looked at the angel confused…a path I said?…you mean the leaves make a road?…yes she said. Well where does this path lead to?…I asked.

The angel smiled…you know the way that only an angel can smile…and said to me…why Timothy the answer is easy…we lay all the leaves in a lovely path so that God can walk to see Devon and all of her friends at the hospital.

Oh this news filled me with the greatest of joy. So I thanked the angel and was so excited I couldn’t go back to sleep and had to run to my computer to tell you this wonderful secret!!!

Devon do you know that all the angels in heaven and earth have made a path for God to watch over you and your friends!!!!

You are so special sweet Devon!!!!

Devon – two years ago on Halloween

Please keep her family in your prays…and if you wish to find out more about who Devon was and the tremendous effect she left us all you can visit:

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