Rewarding the Customer via Mobile

Hardees/Carl’s jr – Offers Quick Instant Rewards
So you want to bring mobile direct to the counter…Hardees a quick service establishment has developed a mobile APP to do just that…simple, fast rewards to a hungry consumer.

Location Based Reward with Mobile Technology
It’s an app designed for the iPhone and Andriod that allows customer to receive instant Happy Star Rewards. Here’s how it works. You walk into your nearest Hardees or Carl’s jr fast food establishment. You open your mobile app to a spin the wheel rewards game. (You get the app by downloading it off the Hardees / Carl’s jr website which takes you to Facebook and then the app.) Using a simple spin the wheel game you can win instant food or prizes right at the counter. You spin the wheel on the app it stops on an item and that’s it…instant reward…you’ve won…you have thirty minutes to show the employee at the counter what you won…and you receive your free food.

Creative Ideas for Mobile
It’s not easy to create ideas that drive people into a fast food environment and then apply it to a mobile app. Capitalizing on integration, creativity and purpose isn’t easy. Understanding user-experience isn’t easy. But then again creating effective campaigns isn’t easy either. Time to get to work.

Read more about the mobile APP at AdAge Digital.

Rewards, Rewards, Rewards
Give and you will receive. Rewards never seem to get old for consumers. Take what has worked transcend it into today’s technologies and watch the bottom line grow. Consumers still need and want rewards, great service, a good product…tie that with the new demands of advocacy and social and you’ll move the needle.

Best Practices
When I hear clients say…”we need to know the best practices for mobile. Or…can you share with us what works for the web…we need to be certain we are using best practices”. I smile. I share with them what is working now.

But I am quick to tell them that best practices for today’s mobile and web marketing user-experiences are being created as we speak. And then I smile again and say…my job is to create an idea that aligns with your strategies and others admire for the best practice you just created. Sounds nice doesn’t it.

Best practices in mobile and web are being formed everyday. We haven’t even scratched the surface on ideation and approach for mobile and web.

So don’t panic. If you are an agency and keep worrying about what the other guy is doing you’re going to miss the boat. Simply take what you know and push the client to new ways of thinking. Traditional is not your mean…it is your foundation now…it is not the best practice. Use what you know. But be open to new ideas that work with new technologies. Stay true to the message, be true to the goal, then develop unique ways of approaching traditional problems and you to will create mobile and web ideas that haven’t even been discovered.

Know your audience Hardees does. Pew finds that 8% of online adults between 18-29 use location-based services. This is significantly higher than other online adults. Nice homework Carl jr.

Time to create a new best practice.


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