43 Degrees to The Sun


What do kings know that you and I seek
For 5000 a year from Djoser to Pepi
Eastwards rise to the morning power
If not by the mortal hands of man
43 degrees to the sun

From Giza to Sri Lanka
From Guatemala to Egypt
From the grand Cholula’s shadow
on the fires of Popocatepti
43 degrees to the sun

From the golden spires of the Buddhist temple
To Snefru’s glory on the shores of the Nile
Sun equals life
A sign of power ray upon the gateway
43 degrees to the sun

Conquer fear blood and tears
Trails of sacrifice and unwelcomed fear
If not only for the narrow understanding
From flawless sides to steps in line
43 degrees to the sun

Earth water fire air nothingness
Devotion nature unity enlightenment
Appease the soul of man
By stairways to the Gods
43 degrees to the sun

(Copyright 2011 Cloonan. All Rights Reserved.)


About Cloonan

Great Work Inspires Great People I’m always excited to see great peoples work. To hear and learn about others and share in their experiences in life, design and business. Who knows maybe someday I might learn something from you and you may read something of interest from me. Cloonan. Thinking Out Loud The opinions and views written in my blog are my personal views and insights…they do not in any way reflect or represent the views of my employer. The goal and spirit of social media is to increase communities, build relationships, share and put your personal perspective on life’s content. That is the purpose of my blog. I welcome all comments positive or negative to my own. Life is about sharing…it is about respect…it is about consideration…sometimes good and sometimes bad. Slainte’
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