Norway – Tragedy Strikes Utoya and Oslo

92 Dead For What?
As the details of the tragedy unfold in Utoya and Oslo Norway we all struggle for answers. Terrorism and the war on terrorism once again strike innocent people. 92 people have died and nearly a hundred have been wounded due to one mans insanity and political beliefs. I refuse to mention this mans name because this is exactly the type of recognition he seeks.

I have friends who live in Norway…when I called them this morning to see if they were ok you could hear the sadness in their voice. Not only the sadness of the tragedy and the youth that were killed, but the sadness that this took place within a proud peaceful nation. We both share a life with sons the age of those who were killed that makes this type of event hit closer to home then we’d like. Fortunately his sons were not anywhere near the horror and are safe.

The Truth of Terrorism
The fact is terrorism hits anytime and anywhere…and it has since the beginning of politics and religion. Whether the roots of this shooting will be linked to other motives beyond this lunatics differences or whether it is connected to some other organization which has not been ruled out…all countries and any individual are the victim. You can raise your fist or your flag and battle with words to attack this insanity…while others simply need the time to morn the loss of there loved ones. But the reality is that premeditated act of terrorism will never make sense to its victims.

It’s His Fault
So whom do we blame? Do we blame the narrow-minded moron who preformed the act? Do we blame the party or organization that thrives at terror, shock and death to fulfill their agenda toward religious or political power to attempt to alter all who differ with his or her own? Do we point to the easy accessibility of automatic weapons? Do we blame the easy access to free societies? Do we blame the media for glorifying these events and enabling communication to the masses? You could argue it is any or all of these to point the blame. Perhaps you’re right. So do that…and where have you landed. Nothing except more anger and fire in the belly. And what does that get us? It might offer immediate satisfaction…a release…a reaction…a cause…a fuel to build further divide. Nothing ever really comes out of death through violence other than the gain by fear or power for those who plan the act.

I don’t have your answer. Nor am I going to try. To me it is a sad testament to humanity or the lack of it. That is the real loss. One more sabre into the heart and soul of mankind.

The Answer For Some
If you have the answer…which I’m sure many of you do…or think you do. I’m sure I’ll read about it. And I’m sure many of you will read this and say what on earth is he talking about. Perhaps my perspective will anger you.

These events simply remind me of the horror and pain that human beings are capable of. When it all comes down to it we are still animals that have a primal instinct to harm or kill with reason. I think this trait is ours alone…only humans can do as humans do. We do things with or without reason. We hide behind this to justify our own misguided insecurities or efforts for selfish gains. The result is short lived for the cause and long lived for the shrinking of humanity.

After nearly 49 years of my brain sucking in the the news of these acts and tragedies…reason typically falls to the wayside. And…conveniently these acts have been sold to us as masks or impostors to justify a religion, politics or pure evil to support a belief or cause. Inevitably it simply is just one act to the demise of humanity.

We Are Morons
Maybe just maybe we aren’t as smart and as sophisticated a species as we’d like to believe. Maybe just maybe we are all morons for putting up with these crimes. Morons for creating these barriers we hide behind; morons for not simply living life with a singular purpose to live a life with compassion and respect of our fellow man and nature.

No other species kills for purposes of mass destruction or attention; none that I am aware of. Sure animals kill to survive. They kill to feed their own. And once in a while the occasional animal is simply nuts. But mankind has mastered premeditated murder and terror as a means of leveraging and gain of our own cause. We are our worst enemy. Humans are capable of evil beyond any other form of nature. We do it with intent.

Do We Give In?
So do we raise up arms and take heed to those in our way? Or do we bury our heads in the sand or throw are arms in the air and walk away?

Or better yet…do we eliminate religion and politics? Do we eliminate borders and racism?

Yes. Yes we should.

But we are not capable of this…(yes we are?) actually…no…no we are not.

At least not in this age…the world is too small-minded to do so. We are not capable of a single religion or no religion. We are not capable of eliminating borders or politics. We are not capable of being color neutral. Too much history and money wouldn’t allow mankind to even come close to this outcome.

The sad truth is you or I will never come close to seeing this…at least not in this lifetime. Maybe some of us will be capable to move closer to this mindset. Perhaps that’s the answer. We start within for truth…truth for humanity and not for ourselves.

So Now What?
So perhaps we should strive for balance not unity. We strive for tolerance and understanding. We allow ourselves to become closer to nature. We open our minds and hearts to peace and love. Maybe you think I’m being simple-minded. I am. Is this wrong?

If we allow ourselves the clarity to remove our barriers of history and culture…of politics and religion…we actually might be awakened with a simply truth that has promise. A truth that focuses on the life of humanity.

I ask you to ask yourself ‘Who’s right is right?’ and ‘Who’s wrong is wrong?’. If you have those answers…you are part of the problem.

Don’t worry I’m not giving myself a hall pass on this one either. I’m just as much too blame as each of you. I have my own belief systems and misguided past in my being as well based on the culture, region, education and the family in which I was raised.

But do I have the mind and strength to break through all of these barriers if I choose? We each have this ability to do so if we deem it a necessity to the human race.

Life stumbles on with an awkward void for humanity. The one thing in life you would think we all would cherish…but society as a whole has chosen to squander humanity instead of saving it.

My heart and soul goes to the families of those lost in Norway. Peace.


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