No Standard…just Poor

U.S is no longer a Standard…just Poor
Thanks to the new rating given to the U.S by Moody’s / Standard & Poor’s last Friday. Moody’s Standard & Poor world map infographic released an image depicting the current international Triple A Club. What is significant with this graphic…besides the obvious affect on our nation…is the fact of the size of the nations with AAA credit. Notice China is no longer a nation with a AAA rating.

No longer the Standard...just Poor

The size of the nations populations (other then Canada) that retain such a rating based on population are relatively small. I’m not an economist nor would I ever pretend to be one…therefore I leave the how and why up to the experts to debate (albeit I’m not certain there are any experts left in this field of study…if there are they best learn how to shout from a rooftop).

Seriously people…France?? Ugh…that one hurts.

Just another lovely blow to the U.S confidence and economy
Today’s DOW reflects the news that we’ve all been preparing for since late last week…or should I say WEAK.


Despite President Obama’s attempt to restore confidence on a 2:00 p.m LIVE newscast the result remains the same. Talk is cheap. Immediate action is required. Whether this nation has the guts to face it and put aside politics to render a solution…unfortunately will come late. Not since 1917 has U.S lost our AAA status…not even during the great depression. Amazing. Pitiful.

What is missing is accountability, response with purpose and leadership. Sadly neither party is prepared to tackle this bull by the horns…which is a bunch of BULL.

When you weaken confidence…you weaken a nation. When you weaken a nation you are vulnerable.

Vulnerable nations present a real clear and present danger. Let’s hope this country wakes up soon.

Anyone know of a time share in the Isle of Man? Sounds like a cool place.


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