600,000 Children in Somalia Near Death

600,000 Children on the Verge of Death
A sad but true headline which the world has chosen to ignore. We’re too busy watching the Dow drop and worried about U.S politics to notice. Tough words to read…but sadly true.

Somalia Ignored Once Again
What kind of humanity allows 600,000 children to die from starvation? The World Food Programme supplies could run out in three weeks or less. Somalia is in turmoil and humanity is on the brink of yet another insane sin. The sad truth is we know it and see it everyday on late night news…yet we ignore it. Why? I mean seriously…why?

Photo from The Global Enrichment Foundation

Photo from The Global Enrichment Foundation

The Predictable Drought
This drought has been predicted. It is the worst drought in 60 years…and we knew it was coming. This was foreseen last November. The starvation we are now witnessing…once again could have been prevented.

But sadly too many will die before help can come. So why has the world sat silent? It’s another Humanitarian catastrophe that we are all willing to let occur…and children as well as the people of Somalia will die. No doubt. No question. We will lose generations of children and families….completely wiped out and this could have been prevented.

Reality is a Kick in the Arse
Most of us right about now are worried about getting our children off to school or to college. We are worried about signing them up for fall sports and wondering what there teachers or professors may be like…all the while children the ages of 1, 2, 3, 4 ,5, 6 are walking twenty to thirty miles suffering from complete mal-nutrition in the hot African sun avoiding land mines and rebels to get a sip of water or a meal. Really. Truly insane.

Society. What a Shameful Word.
What society allows this to occur? Unfortunately, yours and mine. Argue if you will. But it is our society. Societies of our grandparents allowed horrific catastrophes in Europe and Latin America…they stood silent…only to clean up the mess and resolve to sorrow and pity. Yep. Facts suck. Now it’s our turn. If President Obama cares…if President Bush cared…if President Clinton cared the children in Somalia would not be dying in the hundreds of thousands year after year. Is it the color of their skin that prevents us from stopping this holocaust? Or is it the lack of our leadership and conviction to lend our dollars and might. We should all be ashamed. I know I am. Governments won’t help these people. It is up to you and I.

If this were to happen in Europe or in the U.S would we allow this to continue? No. When will we become a world that prevents starvation? Terrine will always be a problem. Starvation for hundreds of thousands should not. Racism will always be a problem. Killing children should not. Acquiring land or resources will always be a problem. Compassion should not.

We are only interested in what economically positions our nation for prosperity. Oil or Children. Oil of course. Starving kids…well that’s someone else’s problem. A dying race in Europe sixty years ago…well that’s someone else’s problem. Once again humanity is forgotten. Love of mankind can’t compete with land or resources. Not even a chance.

I can’t even believe I’m typing these words. It sounds like science fiction or a bad movie script…but it is all too real. Once again history repeats itself and we go on worried about our own problems.

It’s Simple. Help.
But Tim…seriously everyday there’s horror and people dying. We have starving people in this country…help them.

Yes. Grant it we have our own problems. Yes we do. And we need to fix our problem as well. But are we willing to watch hundreds of thousands die? 600,000 children to be exact die in the next few months? If this were happening to our children would we not be pleading with the world to help us at any cost?

It’s time for you and I to make a difference.
For as little as 12 cents a packet…only $1.00 per day we can all make a difference to save a child.


Somalia. Convoy For Hope.


Where is Harry Brown When You Need Him?
Then turn the page to another form of shame….or perhaps I should say lack of shame. People with no shame displaying their insanity. I give you Great Britain.

No Great in Britain
All the while rioting in Great Britain particularly Manchester feature a bunch of hooligans causing disorder across multiple cities.

A Society With No Shame
Sickening people….sickening humanity. Sickening times. When will all of us wake up…stand up to bullies and rebels. Perhaps the next drought is the drought of our humanity.

I ask you…do we lack the power to make this change? Do we lack the might? Do we lack the wisdom? No. No we do not. Let’s change this stupidity and restore our humanity…NOW.


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