Casino Royale – You Know My Name

You Know My Name
Hands down my favorite James Bond movie…Casino Royale (2006). Daniel Craig was superb. The song ‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell (not to be mistaken with the Beatles song with the same name) is also a favorite of mine.

The Original Animation Sequence
Without a doubt one of the coolest animation opening sequences for any bond movie…and argueably for any movie. Cornell’s “You Know My Name” as it appeared in theatres.

The Music Video
The Official Chris Cornell video courtesy of YouTube

A Social Media Edited Version
The original Chris Cornell music video is ok…but the edited version by Scott McClure does a better job capturing the essence of the film.

The Official Casino Royale Movie Trailer
If you haven’t seen Casino Royale it is a must. If you like great cinematography, action, suspense, 007 and spy flicks this is a Top 10 pick. It is one of my Top 100 Greatest Films of all-time.

Credit video – YouTube


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