American Job Act

Better Late then Never
After listening to the President this evening I must admit there is a glimmer of possibility as it refers to small business. I would have liked to have heard this address two years ago…and to be honest I would have loved to hear this speech in the late 90’s from former President Clinton…or in 2000 from former President Bush…or from George Bush senior for that matter. I do believe once you pull back the layers of rhetoric I did notice one true revelation. That small business has FINALLY found it’s way to the table of mainstream politics. It’s a true revelation for the Government to recognize that small business runs this country. As small business goes the U.S economy goes.

Taxes Do Matter
If you’ve ever filled out payroll taxes for a company you can understand the impact they have on a small business. Payroll taxes and small business relief are a good start…something this country has needed for over ten years. For whatever reason no party paid attention or fundamentally understood what small business needs or needed.

Don’t Stop There
Perhaps this is a positive start. Small business never could pull together enough lobbying to get the attention of the politician…other then a sieve of false promises. Along with payroll taxes and tax relief…HealthCare, benefits and insurance reform are other major areas that directly impact small business survival. Anyone who has lost a business or is struggling to keep their small business knows this…let’s hope the President and Congress learn what the definition of need is for small business and act accordingly to sustain small business enterprises.

I didn’t agree on everything the President’s plan laid out…but I did like the direction of the plan. I very rarely agree with everything anyone has to say…but I did respect and appreciate a better understanding of small business woes in this address. Time will tell.


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