Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are So Great

(Casey has saved me more then any human I’ve know…Rin Tin Tin would be jealous)

Those who know me know that I’ve grown up with dogs. I have many fond memories with each of the dogs I’ve shared time with. I believe that most dogs have a good nature. The dogs that do go wrong are usually due to their owners who have either hurt, scared or scarred them. Like most animals…if you treat them with respect they’ll return the favor. What I’ve learned is that dogs quite simply are great. Their spirit is truly remarkable.

Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Rock
Here are my ‘TOP 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are So Great’ or maybe why my dogs are so great.

10. They’re always happy to see you. No matter what mood you come home in…they miss you. You walk out of the room and come back five minutes later and it is as though you were gone for a year.

9. They have short memories. We could all benefit from that skill.

8. They know when you are happy or sad. And are wise enough to know when someone needs them or when they should leave someone alone.

7. They love to protect us. When Casey was one she herded a 14 month old little girl who was heading towards a step of steep stairs…she stopped her in her tracks. She never knew the child…she just knew what to do to and that she needed to protect her.

6. They want to be close to you. Even if they are 90 pounds they still think they are babies and want to jump up into your lap or be close to you.

5. They don’t have to wear clothes…awesome.

4. They are accepting of nearly anyone. And if they sense someone is bad…they let you know it.

3. They run in their dreams…what a blast! You’ve got to believe that squirrel doesn’t stand a chance.

2. They don’t care if they lose their hair. I mean seriously how cool is that!

1. They are one of the only animals on earth capable of unconditional love

So here’s to Heidi, Lady, Ruffles, Muffin, Loki, Murphy, Jake, Joe and Casey for giving my life memories and love that I will cherish.


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2 Responses to Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are So Great

  1. Hi there Cloonan! Just wanted to thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m a dog lover myself and couldn’t agree more with this entire list! Especially # 9. Short term memories are fantastic….dog’s truly live in the moment now don’t they? Oh and compassion, couldn’t we all use a little bit more of that? Cheers! Jen

    • Cloonan says:

      Thanks for the comment…I couldn’t agree with you more 🙂 Living in the moment…moving ahead in life makes more room for compassion and happiness.
      Smiles T

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