Time to Get Real

Ok…let’s face it with the leaves falling as fast as a spring rain the only thing not falling is my weight. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still pretty healthy. But what you need to know is I’m the kind of guy who adds 15 pounds in the winter and loses it in the spring. And with winter right around the corner this signifies a number of red flags for me. All of which are around one single theme – being prepared.

Steps To Cloonan’s Preparedness
I can sit back read a little Emerson and drink coffee…that might restore a little mind and soul but won’t help out much with the body. So I’ll start by preparing the yard for the long winter. Rake the leaves…clear out the debris from the gardens…clean out the gutters and so on. Then there’s the firing up the snow blower and prepare the oil and gas mixture needed to quickly hit old man winter right between the eyes when my driveway starts to resemble Vail.

Then hop on my bike and get in as much riding as often as I can before the roads start getting slick and icy. One problem is as the days get shorter it’s tough to get home in time to safely ride before darkness settles in.

Time To Get Real
So that leaves me with the truth and preparedness that I haven’t done in far too long. That’s called hitting the gym. Now albeit I use to love doing that before life moved me into the Dad mode. Now it’s important to remember…I’m not good at being selfish with my time. I’m a recovering workaholic…who is not good at making time for myself. My choice…I understand this is due to a life of giving…working for others and making others time my priority.

Perhaps many of you live or have lived a similar lifestyle. So how do you create balance? How do you prepare your busy life to give back to yourself? Is it as simple as ‘just do it’? (I already know the answer I’m simply procrastinating). Fine…fine…I’ll join a gym. I’ll get back to a routine that carries me through the winter so that by Thanksgiving people don’t get confused at who is the real turkey.

12,000 Cloonan’s
I work for a hospital…albeit I’m in marketing…there’s healthy thinking all around me. Ironically, the fact is that most healthcare workers are so busy giving that they rarely make time for themselves. AHHHHH…. I’m surrounded by 12,000 Cloonan’s! (There in lies a big hurdle).

Right? Right!
Be selfish. Right? Right! Ok…so today I joined the fitness center at the hospital. Simple…all there’s left for me to do is get a physical have a doc sign the forms and carve out time to become a lean, mean, fighting machine. Right? Right! Preparation meet getting real.

Stay With Me
So I commit to myself the time to stay healthy in mind, body and spirit. I’m standing on my soap box sharing it with the world. With that said…I need all of you to stay on my case…make sure I start the routine. Make sure I stick with it. Keep me honest.

I’ll read many of your blogs and hope to learn from each of you. With your help…I’ll focus on eating right, leaving room for a creative space and hopefully add a little selfishness in my life to open up time to stay physically fit.


About Cloonan

Great Work Inspires Great People I’m always excited to see great peoples work. To hear and learn about others and share in their experiences in life, design and business. Who knows maybe someday I might learn something from you and you may read something of interest from me. Cloonan. Thinking Out Loud The opinions and views written in my blog are my personal views and insights…they do not in any way reflect or represent the views of my employer. The goal and spirit of social media is to increase communities, build relationships, share and put your personal perspective on life’s content. That is the purpose of my blog. I welcome all comments positive or negative to my own. Life is about sharing…it is about respect…it is about consideration…sometimes good and sometimes bad. Slainte’
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