49 Exotic Animals Killed in Zanesville Ohio

Photo Credit CNN

Senseless Killing
‘Senseless killing’ is the phrase used by Sheriff Lutz to describe the killing of 49 exotic animals running lose in Zanesville Ohio today and last evening — 18 tigers, 17 lions, six black bears, two grizzly bears, three mountain lions, two wolves and a baboon. Another grizzly bear, three leopards and two monkeys had been captured and taken to a zoo. Extinct Bengal tigers were among these animals murdered.

This photo is very disturbing. I apologize for sharing it with you but it is important to realize the sad senseless killing of these creatures.

Close All Zoos
Why do I want to close all Zoos’? I’ve had it with the morons in this world and especially in this country who abuse and capture animals for their own benefit. These wild animals aren’t meant to be in a zoo or in some exotic park for us to observe. Zoos and so called game parks existed in the past because people didn’t have access to seeing these creatures.

With the national parks and huge game preserves the Internet, TV and movies we have the luxury of seeing these creatures as often as we’d like. So why do we still feel the need to own them or to capture and cage them? Why can’t we just be satisfied with letting them be…letting them roam wild in the land and territories they were meant to live in? Let nature be nature. It’s truly disgusting what happened in Zanesville. Ridiculous and one more example at how small minded we truly are and the enormous disrespect and disregard we have for fellow creatures on this planet. Shame on us all…shame on humanity for once again ignoring nature.

So What About Pets?
I hate that word Pet…I truly do. Why do we feel the need to own wild birds and reptiles? Rather then leave them in the environment they deserve to live? I was at a Exotic Bird Store this weekend…I saw a at least seventy large exotic birds stuck in cages 2′ x 3′. Why? Rather then flying in Central America in a jungle. Pitiful.

We all know neighbors and friends that have no right to own a dog or cat. People get animals because they are cute or give them as gifts to children who have no clue the responsibility and respect needed to care for these creatures. There are hundreds of thousands of animals that are mistreated and poorly cared for because their owners had no right even taking them in the first place. Senseless.

The Wolf Pack Leader
People get terriers because they’re small and cute. Terriers were raised to kill rodents…to violently grab a rat by the neck and shake them until they die. So when we try to domesticate these dogs they typically own their owners. We’ve all seen it…the old woman walking her terrier on a long leash and she can hardly hold it back from yapping and lunging at people around her. Is it the dog’s fault?
Of course not. The dog is the wolf pack leader. The elderly woman is the pet.

Casey - no electric fence or collar - on squirrel watch

Pets Need Fulfillment
I can walk my dog for a three mile stroll without a leash and she’ll stay within three feet of my side the entire walk. If other people or animals walk by she doesn’t even pay attention to them. Why? Because she is a Shepard who’s breed was bred to herd and work. It’s a part of her being. So with the right amount exercise…training and mutual respect she lives happy and content. But if I couldn’t walk her or constantly work with her she most likely would not respect people get bored and most likely act out.

Casey (notice no leash or collar)

Exotic Wild Animals Don’t Need Us
As far as exotic animals of any kind are concerned (even fish) they do not need us and we should have enough respect for nature to leave them live their lives in the wild.


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6 Responses to 49 Exotic Animals Killed in Zanesville Ohio

  1. Epizeuxis says:

    I completely agree with your closing down the zoos part.I mean, If you are so interested in watching the animals then go see them in their natural habitat in some wildlife sanctuary.Keeping them in zoos is just cruelty.

  2. Cloonan says:

    Thanks appreciate it. We tend to think that this world is ours alone…we are a selfish being no doubt.

  3. jannatwrites says:

    I had to scroll real fast past the animal picture. The Ohio animal masacre makes me so sad. The man who set the animals free before committing suicide is a cruel coward (my opinion, of course). If he truly loved those animals I don’t think he would have done that.

    Casey is a beautiful dog, by the way!

    • Cloonan says:

      Thanks for the comment. I agree with you…I debated putting in that photo. I really didn’t want to but I felt without it I’m not sure people really grasp the scale of the tragedy. Thanks for the Casey comment she is amazing.

  4. zenofwarsaw says:

    Cloonan, it is hard to understand why in developed counties such cruelty towards animals is still taking place. It really breaks my heart, but I think we will have to wait a long time for this behavior to disappear. Many people still believe that animals and nature in general is man’s property and he can do whatever he pleases with it. I think posts like yours, although very disturbing for sensible people, can help change this mentality. If you are interested in the topic of animal rights and our duties towards them I recommend reading philosopher Peter Singer – he has been fighting for animal rights for a long time and he has some very interesting insights. All the best, Marta

    • Cloonan says:

      First…thank you for reading. I agree with you it is very difficult to understand how anyone can be so cruel to animals…especially in a place like Ohio. It just goes to show you that too many people in this world do not respect nature nor themselves. Sometimes I question humanity or the lack of it. I’ll check out SInger. Enjoy your evening. Smiles Timothy

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