Sports Marketing Rap @ BGSU – It’s Worth a Look

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Then This.
You want to promote a new sports arena and recognize the generous philanthropy that helped you build a first-class basketball facility create a Rap video. Huh? That’s exactly what the folks at Bowling Green State University decided to do by featuring their students and aligning them brilliantly with those who made the contributions to exult the new Stroh Center. The Stroh Center Rap features freshman rap singer Mikey “Rosco” Blair and senior choir singer Rachel Willingham along with student athletes and the actual philanthropists Kerm Stroh, Frack, Schmidthorst, Miles and Young.

Go Falcons!!!!
With exceptional production value, clever lyrics, good talent, great direction, Rap music and all around great taste BGSU has a lot to be proud. (Not too mention I’m a graduate of this fine University). They even managed to throw in a line or two of the college fight song which will make many of an alumni smile.

Sports Marketing at its Finest
It’s great to see an academic organization aligning with a great creative concept. Most agencies would love the opportunity to work on such a project. And the University had the courage to take the risk. What a great recruiting tool…but better yet…what a class act to recognize the contributions of the people who actually found the coin to flip the bill.

It’s refreshing…culturally relevant and all around FUN. Not to mention a great campaign strategy.

KUDOS to all involved. One more reason I’m proud to say I went to Bowling Green State University. By the way the urinals never looked that fancy when I was there. You ‘ll have to watch the video to get that one.


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