Is This As Good As It Gets?

Throughout this election process you have to believe that not a single republican candidate is electable. Throw in a Libertarian candidate who isn’t electable…along with our President who I’d argue isn’t electable other than perhaps by default.

So answer me this…is this as good as it gets? Is this all this country has to offer? Evidently it is. But we all know better than that…we all know there are individuals who if they chose to run could make a pretty good go at capturing the highest position in this land and putting this country back on course.

As Is.

So let’s consider that all we could possibly hope for is the hand we’ve been currently dealt. Let’s assume we can only elect those candidates who are currently running. Ugh.

The only possible opportunity for any of these candidates to win would be to pick a strong running mate. They must pick a Vice President who gives them the opportunity to sway enough consideration their way that we’d place them in office. I was speaking with my friend Gary this evening and we kicked around a couple of ideas.

Obama – Hillary Clinton

President Obama may simply get the vote by pure complacency of this countries weakened will.  So it’s Obama and who? Let’s add Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to the ballet and now you represent a decent ticket with a continuity in foreign policy, a strong consideration for carrying the woman’s vote and arguably a great candidate for the Democratic Party in the next election (2016). So what do we do with Vice President Biden? Early retirement…don’t be surprised if the party asks him to take one for the team and quietly step down to make room for Clinton.

One Down

Ok…so now we have identified our Democratic Ticket. What about the Republicans?

Who in the current Republican Party could even remotely make it interesting? I’m afraid that maybe none of them fit the bill. Rick Perry can barely remember his own name. Jon Huntsman? Well he’s a joke. Rick Santorum is the kid that would have been pushed into a locker in High School to shut him up. Michele Bachmann? Too little…she doesn’t stand a chance. Ron Paul…a libertarian that stands for a number of good things until he opens his mouth for more then three sentences…remember Ross Perot? ‘I’m Ross and you’re not’!

So that leaves only Newt and Mitt.

Mitt Romney…a spoiled moron (and no I did not mean Mormon) a spoiled moron who will never be wrong and most likely paint this country into a future corner we may regret with his inability ever admit to be being wrong about anything. Add to that…his religion scares far too many people…because face it our country is ignorant when it comes to religion unless of course you fit neatly into being a Catholic, Protestant or Baptist…this nation simply can’t get past that. So Romney is out.

Newt ‘the Rockne’ Candidate?

Which leave us with Newt Gingrich. Seriously? Yep that’s all that’s remaining. Ok…he’s a historian with a bad history of his own. So put on your Karl Rove hat and figure out how on earth do we get this guy elected? This is going to be tough…he has too many personal relationship issues and the whole Fannie Mae problem…is well…very untidy.

I got it! How about picking him a kick arse running mate?!?! Yeah…that might just do it…he can speak his Jeffersonian Federalism notions and the country will envision memories of our founders! Ok Newt stay on message and let’s pick you a running mate. Hmmmmm who?

A Dark Knight

Wait a minute…maybe before we put Newt in office we could write in a dark horse candidate.  Yeah…how about it? My buddy Gary threw out a great possibility…Jeb Bush. We both agreed that he is electable…but after further discussion we both agreed that it would be more prudent for him to hold out until the next election…wait five more years then make his move.

The Bush family is too calculated like the Kennedy’s…they have patients. They’ll position him to run on the ticket in 2016 especially if Obama – Clinton win this election.

Two By Two

Ok…so we’re back to Newt Gingrich as the Republican candidate for president…now what about his running mate? If you want Newt to walk into office then there is only one clear sure thing – Colin Powell.

He’s already stated that he won’t run for President…but maybe just maybe we could convince Powell to take one for the country. He’s a general…he’s as American as Ulysses S. Grant, Theodore Roosevelt and apple pie. He has grit. He’s beloved. He understands the complexity abroad…so hey…VP works perfectly.

Gingrich – Powell…now that’s the ticket! Just one problem. Newt sucks. Too much baggage. UGHHH…are you kidding me!?!?!

Bueller, Bueller…Anyone?

So, I’m not happy. I still don’t like the ticket. Maybe we need to put together a stronger team…a completely new opportunity. Let’s look at this differently…a little reverse engineering perhaps.

Pick our running mate first. What? You heard me…pick a strong VP first. Ok…well then that’s Powell – hands down he has the military background, understands our allies and foreign affairs, he’s brilliant, logical, intelligent, understands the complexities in the big house…and of course is a minority candidate. All good. So Karl Rove, take that!

So who is the big man or woman on campus? First, we need to define the characteristics, skills and job history that will ensure winning the election.

The Qualifications – A Tall Order

The following qualifications, traits and values that are imperative at this time in our history based on our economy and the worlds challenges: frank, calm, calculated, strong business sense, economic prowess, negotiating strengths, the ability to work with others, understand the complexities in healthcare, moderate, hates taxes, respects history and complex immigration issues, drinks from the chalice of human dignity and integrity, exudes an innovative spirit, is not an academic moron from a university who has no real life experience or the common sense to know how the average American lives, respects research and development, and understands the responsibility of choosing our supreme court justices.

The Wish List

So here it is…drum roll please. (In no particular order). The Top Candidates for the Republican Nominee for President of the United States.

Bill Gates – He doesn’t need the money. He’s a brilliant business man who would get this economy back on track who’s humanitarian lineage and global sense of responsibility is beyond debate.

Try this long shot out for size…for dreamers everywhere (it’s my list I can pick who I want):

Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson – An astrophysicist who has the will and the passion to think differently and take this country to the next exciting new frontier – space and innovation. A cultural renewal that only a true dreamer could appreciate. I mean come on…the guy declared Pluto was not a planet…rather nothing more than a really big ball of ice! He buried hundreds of years of conventional wisdom and used Quantum Physics to solidify his case. Einstein and Isaac Newton would be so proud.

Ok…since we’re on really…really smart people how about Dale Mortensen he earned the Nobel Prize in economics in 2010, this 72 year old native-born Oregonian quite simply is a genius at math and science. His work resulted in the so-called Diamond-Mortensen-Pissarides model, a frequently used tool to estimate how unemployment benefits, interest rates, the efficiency of employment agencies and other factors can affect the labor market. Albeit most republicans have an issue with the model…so perhaps he’s simply too smart for the party.

Since we are on the subject or Nobel prize winners…how about Princeton University economist Christopher A. Sims (left) and or his co-Laureate Thomas J. Sargent, a New York University economist. Ok fine…I’m not following my own advice about picking an over-loaded academic brain that could swell to the size of Manhattan.

Elizabeth Dole – She may be the perfect female candidate this nation has to offer. Her resume is impeccable as far as the Republican Party is concerned. Dole is a class act with a resume longer than three senators put together. She served as a member of the following U.S. Senate committees:

Age Often Equals Wisdom

Are you starting to notice a pattern here? The age of the proposed candidates is considerably older than the past three presidents ages when they were elected – William Clinton 47, George Bush Jr. 54 and Barack Obama 47.

Why am I suggesting a number of candidates who’s average age is over 70? Here’s my reasoning. The next republican presidential candidate or preferred president should want one thing and one thing only. He or she should want to run for only one four year term. Period.

So Now What? It’s a Piece of Cake

Their goal along with running mate Colin Powell is simple. Stabilize the economy…set in motion business growth and manufacturing dominance, lower unemployment, secure our country from terrorism, restore our allies confidence, change our dependency on foreign oil and create new forms of innovation energy sources. Oh yeah…and elect Supreme Court justices that represent the core values of this countries majority. And while you are at it restore confidence in our nations government, support small businesses and strengthen the middle-class. (No taxes would be sweet as well).

And The Winner Is – The United States Of America

Four years. That’s it. Revolutionary. Perhaps.

But since we can’t have a six year presidential term this may be as good as it gets…at least for now. Change the political landscape to think differently…act differently.

The drum roll please…here is what we’ve all been waiting for…the perfect ticket for the Republican Party to win the election in 2012.

Warren Buffett and Colin Powell

Yes Mr. Buffett we need you. We need you and Colin Powell hand in hand. We need you to give one more unselfish act back to the country you love and give back one more time to country that has helped you grow to fortune and success. You don’t need the money. You don’t need the fame. You don’t need any of it.

But we need you. Sorry but it is the cross you must carry to do what you know this country and this world needs. Warren Buffett…a true leader, a businessman, a philanthropist, and arguably an innovator whose history of success is admired worldwide.

I give you the next logical President of the United States of America.


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2 Responses to Is This As Good As It Gets?

  1. ooohhh! i wish Colin Powell would run. i really like him. the man has a smart head on his shoulders, and is absolutely brilliant compared to the current Republican lineup for 2012… must say i had never thought about Bill Gates – definitely an interesting pick, but i’m not sure i’d want to take him away from all the great things he’s working on right now for the greater good and to genuinely improve our world…

    • Cloonan says:

      For a nation that has arguably one of the greatest influences on the world you would like to think we’d be able to produce a better rock star 🙂 I’m open to anyone other then the current lot…but I suspect this is it…so if not Bill or Warren then who? Someone is going to need to step up…hopefully sooner then later. btw…I took the CNN poll Ugh…Newt rose above the rest. Which is unfortunate. Thanks for reading…cheers.

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