Ad Man – Culture is what it’s all about

As an ad man and marketing guy (ok fine…once an ad man always an ad man) I’ve seen a lot of commercials that I just assume I’d been better off reading a chapter of Emerson vs. wasting my time gazing upon this digital society with a lack of definition.

As we approach the Super Bowl millions of viewers get excited about the big game…. but thousands of marketing, advertising, brand and designers gear up for the spaces between the lines…the commercials.

We’ve all had our share of memorable commercials that leave lasting impressions years beyond there original debut. Such was 1984 from Apple, the horse drawn sled trotting thru a hallmark setting in the Miller Brewing Company Holiday Greeting spot or the Lilly pad Budweiser frogs croaking there antics into our living rooms. You could add many others to this list of spots that have us talking about them in the office the next day.

Developing Your Super Commercial

As a man who has had the pleasure of developing concepts, producing, directing, and editing for the medium of TV, I have my thoughts about how to reach ones heart and soul…or at least create those memories that last. For me effective marketing and advertising can be attributed to many a factor…the script…the visual style and art direction told magnificently by the DP. Of course there’s the acting…the drama…the music score…the pure emotion it drives in our hearts or the humor that lives on for all of us. But if I were to examine one thing…one thing that typically plants that long-term impression in our hearts and minds…I’d have to say it is culture.

Perhaps since I’ve been in the business for nearly thirty years I can usually pick the top two or three that will stand the test of time. With that said to this day I am still blown away by a commercial that aired last year, which I feel, had it all.

The script was honest…real…and related to the emotions of an economy and an America that needed to hear it. It took an unlikely juxtaposition of character and blended so much truth that even to this day if I’m in another room and I hear the score from this commercial I can immediately visualize nearly every cut and image of the spot. It speaks to the soul and culture of an America that is yearning for what it can be…what it has been and quite frankly what it still is.

Like EMINEM or not (and I happen to like him for his raw urban poetry) its honest and kicks you in the behind. It wakes you up and forces you to pay attention to what is occurring right now in our own backyard. It reams with the emotional culture that has engulfed this country…from hard times and unemployment…to hard work and an attempt to rise up beyond the spoils of today’s set backs.

Let The Truth Be Told

Just read the script and watch two minutes of commercial brilliance…and you can’t refuse its truth.

I’ve got a question for you. What does this city know about luxury?

What does a town who had been to hell in back know about been to hell and back know about the finer things in life? Well I’ll tell you…more then most.

You see…it’s the hottest fires that make the hardest steel. Add hard work and conviction…and the know how that runs generations deep in every last one of us.

That’s who we are.

That’s our story.

Now it’s probably not the one you’ve been reading in the papers. The one that’s being written by folks who have never even been here…and don’t know what we’re capable of. Because when it comes to luxury…it’s as much about where it’s from as it is…as who it’s for.

Now where from America. But this isn’t New York City or the Windy City…or Sin City and we’re certainly no ones Emerald City

This is the Motor City…and this is what we do.

Imported from Detroit

Now It’s Your Turn

So you want to make a commercial that exemplifies your brand…that speaks directly the soul of your audience and relates to the environment around them.

Consider community. Consider Culture. Allow this to soak into your mindset. Get into the real world…into our world. Give them truth. Exemplify the true brand promise you work so hard to share.

Then and only then will you have a commercial of value that matches the product or service you or your client has labored to share and produce.

Once you get inside our heart, mind and spirit you create that memorable experience you’ve set your career on.


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