Top 20 – M.I.A at the 2011 Oscars

It’s interesting as I sat through an evening watching the Oscars I noticed a number of the usual suspects happened to be M.I.A. Unless of course they were present and the camera wasn’t finding them…but I have to believe they were either on a set somewhere, stiffing the fans or at home sulking.

Top 20 – 2011 Oscar M.I.A

20. Matt Damon & Good Will buddy Ben Affleck

19. Cowboy-less: Jeff Bridges, Robert Duvall

18. Bond-less: Daniel Craig, Sean Connery, Pierce Brosnan

17. The Royal Class: Dustin Hoffman, Anthony Hopkins, Ben Kinsley

16. Bad Boys: Johnny Depp, Sean Penn

15. Crime doesn’t pay: Robert Di Nero, Al Pacino, Denzel Washington, Christopher Walken

14. Danny Devito, Willem Dafoe, Tommy Lee Jones, Kevin Spacey, Gene Hackman

13. Cooler then the other side of the pillow: Don Cheadle, Samuel J, Bruce Willis

12. May the Force be Without You: Harrison Ford, Liam Neeson, Ian McGregor

11. We’ll Forgive the Unforgiven: Clint Eastwood, Robert Redford

10. Houston We Have a Problem: Ed Harris, Kevin Bacon

9. Not So Funny Anymore: Mike Myers, Chevy Chase, Steve Martin

8. Halle Berry

7. Selma Hayek

6. Yesterday’s news: Demi Moore, Ashton Kutcher, Jane Fonda, Jami Lee Curtis

5. Starlets: Julia Roberts, Annette Bening, Helen Mirren, Judi Dench, Emma Thompson

4. Muscle Beach: Sylvester Stallone, The Rock, Arnold Schwarzenegger

3. Down Under: Russell Crowe, Hugh Jackman, Nicole Kidman

2. No Hobbits or Teenage Wizard’s: Lord of and Potter-less

1. And the biggest no show this year has to be – Jack Nicholson


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One Response to Top 20 – M.I.A at the 2011 Oscars

  1. JannatWrites says:

    You’re observant! I admit I didn’t watch the Oscars, and I don’t follow the who’s who in Hollywood, so I’m afraid I wouldn’t have recognized anyone who was there anyway 🙂 I hope you enjoyed the show even though so many stars weren’t there.

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