The (SCAM) Artist – 2011 Oscar Best Picture


Oscar’s biggest bust…The ‘SCAM’ Artist. As a long time fan to Charlie and Buster Keaton…I had high expectations for the Artist. Oscar you got this one wrong…really wrong. The pup stole the show.

Everyone who loves silent films knows that you have to fall for the leading character. Chaplin and Keaton always made you root for them…George…well…let’s just say…sorry Charlie.  Buster just rolled over the General in his grave on this one.

Are you kidding me with Best Actor?!?!? Someone is smoking too much cellulose. Send the boy back to France for a real silent film debut.

Such a shame for the academy to get sucked into this one… the best picture? Seriously…for anyone who has filmed…edited or produced any type of film knows that The Artist was a nice film…but a three star at best. Two to the dog…one to the Bejo.

Such a pity that Oscar wasn’t really silent about this film as the big winner.


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One Response to The (SCAM) Artist – 2011 Oscar Best Picture

  1. Angela says:

    Encore! Cloonan! Encore!

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