I’m ‘Love In’ everything about this

The Love In

Ever since I saw this short film nearly a year ago…I fell in love with it. Nowness presented this brand promotional video for Oliver Peoples.

Brilliantly directed and produced by Lisa Eisner you’ll be ‘Love in’ everything about it from the style, the edit, the colorization, the direction in photography, the Oliver Peoples array of glasses and the sensual compassionate performances of real life couple Devendra Banhart and Rebecca Schwartz. Add to that the incredible setting of the Rainbow House by architect John Lautner located in a California and you can’t help to be swept away by the intimacy and natural explorations shared in this film.

There are so many things to take away for this…the bold and courageous where with all from Oliver Peoples to put this type of advertising into the market…the beautiful cinematography and passion displayed by Eisner…the enchanting score… the love and joy of exploring each other…to the amazing art direction. It simply enthralls you and takes you away.

My Take On Possessing Brands

As I’ve gotten older in life I seldom lean towards the need to own a product based on its brand. I’ve learned that in life less is more.  But with that said I always am drawn to classic style especially when it meets a need. Eyewear is one item I’ll spend the money and the effort one…that is one selfish brand I’ll partake to protect my eyes and make a visual statement. I’m not one to get caught up in the must have in life…I’ve never found a need to own or possess something for the sake of its status. But I do like to own things that last the test of time.

For Men Less is Often More

Grant it…men have it easier than women when it comes to the less are more components of dress and wear. We may down a watch or a ring or perhaps even a hat or two…but for the most part the word accessory for a man means little.  So the few things in life we wear usually mean something or represent something. Rarely do men switch thing out for the sake of fashion of the day. But glasses…well…let’s face it…they make a statement.

I happen to own Oliver Peoples and appreciate their style and classic looks. I also appreciate how they’re made. One subtle element of the film that I’m not sure many recognize is if you own a pair of OP’s and they happen to contain amber lens…you walk around in life seeing nearly the same effect Eisner placed when she colorized the film.

Pretty Sweet. Art imitating Life. Nice.


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