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Trauma Comes in Many Forms of Life

I stumbled on this clip from TED this morning. It’s a reflection on one man’s encounter in life that was not by choice. As a Healthcare professional I was reminded at the amazing skills surgeons bring unselfishly to all of … Continue reading

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Top Ten Things That Kill Creativity & Innovation

Being a creative director and working in marketing and advertising for the past thirty years it’s easy to identify the top ten things that kill an idea, prevent you from being creative or destroys innovation. Grant it there are easily … Continue reading

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St. Patrick’s Day – Mixed Emotions

This is a week of mixed emotions for me. Prior to two years ago this week meant celebration to this man of Irish heritage. My family…thanks to the enthusiasm of my father has always celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with incredible zeal. As a boy I watched … Continue reading

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Loss – My Loss

I was reading someone’s blog last evening and this person spoke of loss. Through their courage and openness it brought back a flood of emotions that I’ve been holding off sharing for a hundred different reasons. One thing you can … Continue reading

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10,000 Reasons Why Romney is Out Of Touch

I’ve held off passing judgment on the current candidates for President, but after watching Mitt Romney in last nights debate I am certain he will not get my vote. Here is part of the exchange that took place. PERRY: Well, … Continue reading

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Time to Get Real

Ok…let’s face it with the leaves falling as fast as a spring rain the only thing not falling is my weight. Now don’t get me wrong I’m still pretty healthy. But what you need to know is I’m the kind … Continue reading

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Top 10 Reasons Why Dogs Are So Great

(Casey has saved me more then any human I’ve know…Rin Tin Tin would be jealous) Those who know me know that I’ve grown up with dogs. I have many fond memories with each of the dogs I’ve shared time with. … Continue reading

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