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Top Ten Things That Kill Creativity & Innovation

Being a creative director and working in marketing and advertising for the past thirty years it’s easy to identify the top ten things that kill an idea, prevent you from being creative or destroys innovation. Grant it there are easily … Continue reading

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Clever Ads 2011


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Fine Line Vespa Design – The Quarantasei

I’ve always adored this photo. Vintage vespa 1945/46. Vintage romance. The couple in the photo look as though they are lost in all that is good about their day. And you have to believe that the 1945 vespa they are … Continue reading

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Sports Marketing Rap @ BGSU – It’s Worth a Look

It Doesn’t Get Much Better Then This. You want to promote a new sports arena and recognize the generous philanthropy that helped you build a first-class basketball facility create a Rap video. Huh? That’s exactly what the folks at Bowling … Continue reading

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Why Design Thinking Equals Growth

If you’re not lost you’ll never end up going anywhere new – Dan Wieden The New Revolution As we progress into new ways of approaching problems, growth and design I have to admit I am loving the whole movement of … Continue reading

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600 Million Dollars (and some real change)

600 Million And Some Change I’m not a fan of waste. But I am a fan of discovery. And I must admit this 600 million dollars is well spent. Perhaps it is the best use of 600 million dollars I’ve … Continue reading

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Casino Royale – You Know My Name

You Know My Name Hands down my favorite James Bond movie…Casino Royale (2006). Daniel Craig was superb. The song ‘You Know My Name’ by Chris Cornell (not to be mistaken with the Beatles song with the same name) is also … Continue reading

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