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Trauma Comes in Many Forms of Life

I stumbled on this clip from TED this morning. It’s a reflection on one man’s encounter in life that was not by choice. As a Healthcare professional I was reminded at the amazing skills surgeons bring unselfishly to all of … Continue reading

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SHAME ON WIKIPEDIA AND WORDPRESS – End Piracy, Not Liberty Stance – To Each Their Own

“Vote NO on PIPA and SOPA before it is too late” So my blog is subject to this messaging and temporary blackout because WordPress and companies like Wikipedia and others feel that they have the right to silence the internet … Continue reading

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Is This As Good As It Gets?

Throughout this election process you have to┬ábelieve that not a single republican candidate is electable. Throw in a Libertarian┬ácandidate who isn’t electable…along with our President who I’d argue isn’t electable other than perhaps by default. So answer me this…is this … Continue reading

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10,000 Reasons Why Romney is Out Of Touch

I’ve held off passing judgment on the current candidates for President, but after watching Mitt Romney in last nights debate I am certain he will not get my vote. Here is part of the exchange that took place. PERRY: Well, … Continue reading

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