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Trauma Comes in Many Forms of Life

I stumbled on this clip from TED this morning. It’s a reflection on one man’s encounter in life that was not by choice. As a Healthcare professional I was reminded at the amazing skills surgeons bring unselfishly to all of … Continue reading

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Clever Ads 2011


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Angels are so cool

I posted this a nearly two years ago; it’s a story I wrote for my friend’s daughter while she was in the hospital battling cancer. I miss Devon…I especially miss her for her parents sake. Every time I see a … Continue reading

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Why Design Thinking Equals Growth

If you’re not lost you’ll never end up going anywhere new – Dan Wieden The New Revolution As we progress into new ways of approaching problems, growth and design I have to admit I am loving the whole movement of … Continue reading

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Miami Valley Hospital TV Commercials

‘This Cared For’ Campaign Patients First…that’s what it’s truly all about here at Miami Valley Hospital. Thousands of people doing their best to put the needs and care of the patient first. Passion, care, commitment and the work ethic to … Continue reading

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Top Ten Diseases Targeted for Wireless Medicine

It’s Not Your Kids iPhone Anymore Want to watch a patients rhythm from anywhere in the world in real-time? Or perhaps you’d like to monitor your glucose levels through your cell phone. Well friends…today’s digital wireless devices allow you to … Continue reading

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Same As It Ever Was

Today…A Day Just Like Any Other Day… Climate change continues to be in question resolving at glacier speed. Unemployment continues to grow. Wall Street is in no hurry to show improvement. Troop plans in Afghanistan are rising. We now think … Continue reading

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