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The Internet a Decade Later by Bestedsites.com

http://www.bestedsites.com/the-internet-a-decade-later/   Advertisements

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2,858,221 Views for T-Mobile and Counting

Viral video that worked and truly brings a creative and joyful experience. Congrats T-Mobile for being courageous and putting together a brilliant idea. To read more visit – Advertising Age/Digital

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Health Care -The Right of Shared Communities

PatientsLikeMe Strength in family transcends itself to strength in community. Like all great innovations this is a story that takes the power of love to a tangible asset that contributes to the health and well being of a community. PatientsLikeMe.com … Continue reading

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What Women Want

What Women Want What do Woman Want? Mel Gibson tried to figure it out. As have milions of men on a daily basis. Some of us…better then the other. So from a man who’s perspective is often predicated by guessing…I’ll … Continue reading

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We need Bond…James Bond.

We need Bond…James Bond “Your mission is to locate the source of our problem…gather all the Intel possible…and remedy the situation…and for God’s sakes Bond…you don’t have to kill everyone while doing it!” – M, Director of MI6 With the … Continue reading

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Victory to Web Marketing!

As a follow-up to my earlier blog Red…Blue…on the big cloud, you have to tip your hat to the most amazing use of web marketing seen in an election campaign! Both parties exercised incredible techniques to move us to vote … Continue reading

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Red…Blue on the big cloud

Despite your political affiliation…one thing can not be denied…the candidates are pulling out all the stops (and all the coin) by utilizing leading edge web strategies and technologies to get us out to vote. Our political parties have grown up … Continue reading

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