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Trauma Comes in Many Forms of Life

I stumbled on this clip from TED this morning. It’s a reflection on one man’s encounter in life that was not by choice. As a Healthcare professional I was reminded at the amazing skills surgeons bring unselfishly to all of … Continue reading

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Practical Wisdom For All The Right Reasons

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Why Design Thinking Equals Growth

If you’re not lost you’ll never end up going anywhere new – Dan Wieden The New Revolution As we progress into new ways of approaching problems, growth and design I have to admit I am loving the whole movement of … Continue reading

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Fly Like a Bird

Nature Meet the Robotic Bird Ohhhh…you’re going to love this one. So you think the inventors before the Wright brother were nuts? Remember those old films of men jumping off cliffs flapping there arms with wing like contraptions trying to … Continue reading

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